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Anonymized case study data gathered from one of the premier commercial B2B restaurant equipment sellers.
Technical On Page SEO
Content Optimization

Time Spent With Client
Dec ’17 – Present :: Ongoing

Commercial Restaurant Equipment 


To increase backlinks and grow domain authority of website to help increase traffic flow and eventually revenue.



This project involved ‘laissez-faire’ link-building through strategic development of highly comprehensive and relevant blog posts and product page optimization to increase qualified traffic.



  1. Analyze current blog and product pages.
  2. Compile both comprehensive transactional and informational keyword research.
  3. Analyze competitors in the same market space.
  4. Optimize blog pages accordingly.
  5. Generate new blog posts based on keyword research while linking to relevant product/category page(s).
  6. Plan product page optimizations to go live with new website.



After initial keyword research and content optimization, the “appliance associates” decided to work on redesigning their website. The main changes that have gone live prior to the release of their new website are blog/guide optimization.

All product + category page adjustments are set to go live with the release of their new website later this year, and since ~95% of traffic is generated from product + category pages, traffic has not increased yet – only backlinks.