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Anonymized case study data gathered from one of the leading apparel companies in their niche.
Technical On Page SEO
Content Optimization

Time Spent With Client
Oct ’16 – Nov ’17 :: 11 months



To generate more revenue through organic search.



This project involved building organic rankings on Google and bringing in more qualified users via relevant transactional search queries.



  1. Compile extensive keyword research for niche relevant apparel and activities.
  2. Analyze competitors in the same market space.
  3. Adjust product page information and layout to improve UX.
  4. Create blog posts about activities that this apparel would be relevant for with internal linking to product pages.

Oct ’15 -Nov ’16

Users: 125,144

Sessions: 175,367

Pages / Session: 2.2

Session Duration: 1:01

Conversion Rate: 0.24%

Transactions: 415

Revenue: $23,178

Oct ’16 -Nov ’17

Users: 99,813

Sessions: 134,941

Pages / Session: 3.1

Session Duration: 1:46

Conversion Rate: 0.96%

Transactions: 1,291

Revenue: $64,931


When I first took on the “Clothing Comrades” as a client, I noticed that a lot of their traffic was low quality and didn’t provide any value. I refined this traffic by optimizing the product pages to bring in more qualified users who actually have intent to purchase.

After I rolled out the product page changes and created blog posts that were relevant, we saw a sharp dip in traffic. The client came to me questioning the changes, but after a couple weeks of, we started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – the conversion rate started to creep up.