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Anonymized case study data gathered from a facial cosmetic surgery business.
Technical On Page SEO
Content Optimization

Time Spent With Client
Dec ’17 – May ’18 :: 5 months

Cosmetic Surgery


To bring in more qualified organic search traffic and to grow clientele / revenue.



This project involved building relevant organic rankings on Google to rank for consumer-driven informational queries to become an industry leading content-hub for many aspects and procedures within cosmetic facial surgery as well as for location-specific transactional queries for people looking for cosmetic surgery within their city.



  1. Analyze current service and blog pages.
  2. Compile both comprehensive transactional and informational keyword research.
  3. Analyze competitors in the same market space.
  4. Optimize existing service and blog pages.
  5. Generate new blog posts based upon search queries with linking to relevant service page(s).



When I first starting working with the “Facelift Friends”, I noticed that there wasn’t an issue with the services they offered or the information they put out. The only problem was that Google didn’t seem to consider their content to be unique or useful.

After implementing strategic content optimization changes based on keyword and competitor research, the amount of traffic and ranked keywords continues to grow exponentially.