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Anonymized case study data gathered from a residential and commercial plumbing company.
Technical On Page SEO
Content Optimization

Time Spent With Client
Dec ’17 – Present :: Ongoing



To increase local search traffic and deliver higher qualified visitors who need plumbing help in client’s service area.



This project revolved around building out unique service pages for each of the suburbs and cities that this client serviced to help rank for geo-modified plumber keywords. We also worked on building out informational blogs which covered fixing basic plumbing, troubleshooting, etc and were designed to be both informative to people on a national level but to also help our local traffic see that we’re an authority in all things plumbing. Lastly, we revamped their service pages (drain unclogging, garbage disposal install, etc.). 



  1. Analyze current service and blog pages.
  2. Compile comprehensive keyword research.
  3. Analyze competitors in the same market space.
  4. Optimize existing service and blog pages accordingly.
  5. Generate geo-specific service area pages with unique content for each focusing on different local features (such as landmarks, stores, roads).



This strategic two-tiered (national and local) SEO plan ended up increasing both national and local traffic as well as backlinks.

The service pages and geo-specific service area pages take the cake on the local traffic increase, whereas the comprehensive blog posts brought in the increase in backlinks and national traffic. We were actually so happy with the success of working with “blue-collar” business owners, that we built out an seo agency for general contractors called Get GC Clients.