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Website Audit

How do you find out how your website stacks up to the competition?

The same way a doctor would do a physical.

Website audits are the equivalent to a website ‘physical’. I run comprehensive software that goes through just about every aspect of your website that Google has indicated could influence rankings, and I take note of it. After I get the appropriate data, I start breaking it down into sections, so that I can explain what opportunities exist and what we need to do to take advantage of them.

Keyword Research

Before a building is built, architects spend a lot of time researching and planning everything out to ensure quality results.

Search engine optimization is no different.

Comprehensive keyword research is the key to building a strong and effective presence in search results. My deliverable is easy to understand and includes only the relevant keywords (i.e. longtail, geo-modified, transactional, informational, etc.) so you or your client don’t have to spend hours sifting through thousands of potentially low-quality keywords.

Content Optimization

Building a thorough keyword research list is only half the battle – the other half being implementation.

I specialize in writing compelling titles, meta descriptions, and H1 tags. And while I don’t write longer content (articles, blogs, etc.) myself, I work hand-in-hand with a network of specialty writers who do. I provide them with all of the information the keyword research deems necessary for a premium article that can rank organically, and they make it a reality. 

Competitor Analysis

How can I possibly know what will or won’t help rank your website without continuous AB testing?

Simple. Competitor analysis.

It’s very rare to be outranked for worthwhile keywords from websites that don’t focus on SEO at all. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I analyze the top 4 performing competitors and look at their SEO metrics, traffic & visibility, inbound links, content, paid traffic, local search, backlink gaps, and keyword gaps. This data gives a strong direction on how to outrank the competition.

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Meet the Founder.

I have done everything from graphic design to email marketing. From Google Ads to website design. And while I’m familiar with most aspects of digital marketing and somewhat decent at them (according to the success of my previous clients), they’re just not what I enjoy the most.

Hi, I’m Aaron. I could tell you all about my lifes story or how I drive an imported right-hand drive car, or even that I taught computer science at a private school before I was out of high school, but that’s not what you’re here for. You’re here for technical on-page SEO.

I have a pretty diverse range of clients and have worked with law firms, plastic surgeons, apparel companies, plumbers, and countless others. I like keeping my clients anonymous and letting my workmanship speak for the quality of my services as opposed to the names of my clients. I also founded Pics and Clicks. It is an agency dedicated to SEO for wedding photographers. And branching off of that, WedNav – which is a website that helps couples plan their weddings!

I’ve been in the general digital marketing space for almost a decade but transitioned specifically to technical on-page search engine optimization about two years ago and have no plans of turning back. I love what I do and I love making my clients money!